Custom Sports Team Lapel Pins

Team trading pins are a big part of sports culture. We work with teams worldwide to come up with custom designs that meet their needs and exceed their high expectations.  We offer a number of different trading pin styles for coaches and parents to choose from.  This allows us to create a custom memento that everyone responds to well.

In addition to making every player feel like a winner despite the outcome of a game, custom trading pins add an element of fun.  A winning spirit is enough sometimes to make a season successful.  Young players improve with each game.  They simply need encouragement from you. Here are some of the things that trading pins do:

  • They foster stronger relationships within the team.  Boost morale and recognize individuals for the roles they play in making each game and tournament a success.  Everyone likes to be recognized and your athletes are no different.
  • They encourage good sportsmanship.   Walking up to a team after an event and saying, “Thanks for playing us,” or “Congratulations,” goes a long way.  It says a lot about the integrity of your team and players.  Give kids a reason to be friendly with other teams, players, and coaches.  It’s all about loving the sport.
  • They add to the fan’s experience.  Spectators can wear a lanyard full of pins to trade.  This is a great way to get younger children excited about sports.  If they’re not old enough to play themselves, they can watch the game and then meet the players afterwards.  They can make decisions on which pins will be best for them each season.
  • They make every game and tournament fun. Trading pins is something that everyone can get involved with.  No one has to walk away from an event empty handed.  As long as there are pins to trade, there is fun to be had.  Arm your players with enough spinners, sliders, blinkies, danglers or bobble heads to trade all season.

Custom trading pins are obviously a big part of sports culture.  If you haven’t ordered them before for your team, now is the time to do so.  Athletes love meeting other players passionate about the sport they are playing. Give them an opportunity before or after a game or tournament to meet up with other teams, exchange words, and trade pins.  They’ll remember the experience for the rest of their lives and they’ll hold onto the pins as cherished keepsakes reminding them of their time on the team.  Request a FREE price quote today! We can add special options to your custom trading pins to make you stand out!