Choosing a Style For Your Custom Pins

No longer “one size fits all,” promotional pins have come a long way in recent years. But with all the options available to you, getting started can feel overwhelming! Never fear – we’ve answered some of the most common customer questions to help you get the lapel-pin ball rolling.

What style of lapel pin is right for my needs?

Today, there are lapel pins for every occasion. Here is a quick guide:

  • Soft enamel: Extremely durable and vibrantly colored, enamel pins are ideal for sports trading pins or promotional giveaways.
  • Die struck: These elegant-looking pins have an etched, classic look that shows off the beauty of the metal they’re made from. Perfect for recognizing achievements and years of service milestones.
  • Cloisonné: With a look that resembles fine jewelry, this pin style is ideal for corporate recognition and other high-end applications.
  • Silkscreen: The design on a silkscreen pin goes all the way to the edge, eliminating the need for a metal border. They’re easy to make into custom shapes and sizes.
  • Offset printed: This dramatic and detailed pin style is well suited to designs that feature gradients and drop shadows.

What can I use as my lapel pin design?

When it comes to a design for your pin, the sky’s the limit. The various styles of pins available today allow you to get as creative as you’d like. Some ideas for what you can feature on your pin include your brand logo, a photograph, artwork, an inspirational slogan or motto, or years of service. Many reputable pin vendors offer in-house design help at no additional cost.

What size pin should I order?

While lapel pins come a wide array of sizes, the most popular pin sizes range from .75” to 1.0”. As a general rule of thumb, smaller pins are more suited to corporate use. Pins used for promotion or fundraising purposes tend to be larger and more “showy” in order to grab people’s attention. If you’re having sports trading pins made, the larger the better! Typically you can have lapel pins made in sizes up to 2 inches.

How can I make my pin stand out?

Simulated gemstones in an array of colors, glitter enamel, sliders, danglers, and even bobble heads are a great way to make your pins stand out! So, add-ons like this are a great way to appeal to audiences as well as teens.

Will I have different options for attachments?

Many vendors offer a variety of attachments, which is the mechanism on the back of the pin that allows you to attach it to clothing and other items. A traditional butterfly or rubber clutch is usually the default attachment type. If you want to upgrade to something a bit fancier, prepare to pay an extra fee per pin. Examples of attachment upgrade options include a deluxe clutch, safety pin backing, or magnetic backing. Some vendors can even turn your lapel pins into cufflinks!

Let’s get started!

In the market for custom lapel pins? Fill out of free quote form or give us a call. One of our trained artists will take your idea and turn it into a digital proof for your approval. There is no obligation to buy, so what are you waiting for! See what your custom pins could look like!