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Fundraising With Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins make a great item to sell for fundraisers.  They may be small but they do carry a very big message.  In fact, very few personalized products create the same type of positive impact that lapel pins make.  From sports teams to big name corporations, Quality Lapel Pins can help your group achieve all of […]

Years of Service Pins Award Your Valued Employees

Employee recognition award programs are beneficial for workplaces for a number of different reasons.  First and foremost, they help to boost morale which makes for a happier, more productive work environment.  Next, they recognize individual talents and achievements.  For the people being awarded a years of service lapel pin, there are few honors as great […]

Best Attachment For Your Custom Pins

We offer a variety of attachment options for your custom pins. Choose the one that best fits your design and needs. Two Terminologies of lapel pins; Adornment: the face of lapel pins that is where your logo or design would be. It’s what you show to everyone. Attachment: the back of lapel pins, attachment is how the adornment […]

The History Of Lapel Pins

Military Pins

Lapel pins, in short, is a sign used to indicate identity and occupation. It is a testimony to historical events and a mark of an era. Today, although the authority of badges is still applied to various government departments and corporate associations, the trend of some decorative badges is gradually emerging. The origin of lapel […]

Branding Your Business With Custom Lapel Pins

Company Pins

Let’s take a moment to visualize a scenario. You’ve sent a trusted employee to a convention or business luncheon. They are doing an amazing job selling your product, or describing your services, or making connections with potential investors. They look great—confident and smart in their power suit. They speak eloquently. Then, the meeting comes to […]

What Size Pin Should I Get?

We are often asked about the size of lapel pins. People want to know what size pin they should order. Our pins are measured from their longest dimension (top to bottom or left to right) to determine actual size of pin. The right size of custom lapel pin can make the difference. If printed on a […]

Enamel Pin Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer of custom enamel pins. When you’ve finalized your artwork, our production team turns your idea into reality. If you’ve been wondering how to make your own pins then look no further. Here is how the process works: When we create enamel pins, we use your artwork to create a unique […]