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How To Make Your Own Custom Charms

Are you looking to create custom charms with your own unique design? It all starts with an idea. When you send us your rough sketch or description we can create digital artwork to show you what your custom charm could look like. The first thing to consider when you begin working with our designers is […]

How Can I Make The Best Custom Pins?

Quality Lapel Pins offers a ton of different special features for your custom enamel pins. From spinners, to gems, to danglers, we have a variety of ways to make your custom pins stand out. You can create custom pins in any shape and size, the only limit is your imagination. Send us your idea and […]

Antimicrobial Door Openers Reduce Contact With Surfaces

Viruses differ greatly in size, the smallest being about 20 nanometers in diameter to the largest measuring some 400 nanometers across. For reference, a human hair is about 60,000 nanometers in diameter, so literally billions of viruses could fit on that proverbial head of a pin. When it comes to things like elevator or ATM buttons, […]

San Antonio Fiesta Medals

San Antonio Fiesta has been rescheduled to November 5th, 2020 but we are still producing custom fiesta medals right now! This later date gives you more time to come up with an idea or design for your 2020 Fiesta Medals. Whether you have a rough sketch or an existing logo, we can take any concept […]

Get Cheap Custom Pins Made

There’s never been a better time to order custom enamel pins. Right now Quality Lapel Pins has extended their Spring Sale through the end of May. When you order 100 or more pieces you’ll get 20 extra for free. If you’ve have a design in mind and weren’t quit sure how to turn it into […]

Design Your Own Custom Pins

Custom Options That Turn a Great Design Into an Incredible Design Once you know the basics of custom pin design, it’s time to play around with some of the options that can really help your lapel pins stand out from the crowd. There are all kinds of customizable features to mix and match while you design […]

Show Employee Appreciation With Custom Pins

Making sure that your team knows that their hard work is appreciated will build employee engagement and motivate your staff to reach even greater heights. However, gratitude must be sincere. Sincerity is key to showing appreciation, and sometimes it’s hard to make time for your staff when there are deadlines to keep and projects to […]

Custom Health Care Pins

We can all agree that seeing a health care professional’s degrees, certifications, and trophies make us feel more secure about being in their care.  In most cases, you would have to be in their personal offices to find these awards but medical lapel pins can make it easier for patients to identify the accomplishments of […]

Custom Pins For Your Sorority or Fraternity

Fraternities and sororities are a big part of life on campus. In addition to organizing and attending events on college and university grounds, they also participate in programs based throughout their communities and states.  For those involved, being a part of a collective effort boosts self-esteem, encourages teamwork, and instills a sense of camaraderie among […]

Coronavirus has not stopped production of custom pins

Quality Lapel Pins is in full operation and we are ready to manufacture your custom enamel pins and other custom products. Our office is open and our staff is all here ready to answer your phone calls and emails. A lot of events are being cancelled or postponed which just means you have more time […]