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Celebrate With Custom Enamel Pins

Holidays are significant in nearly every culture.  These days are set aside to commemorate and celebrate milestone events.  When it comes to custom lapel pins, every day is special.  From birthdays to communions, there is no better way to show someone you care than by ordering personalized lapel pins in honor of a special occasion. […]

Custom Pins For Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Programs make companies more successful.  In addition to achieving widely publicized goals, they also highlight exceptional individuals, their work ethic, and their accomplishments.  Custom lapel pins work to identify team players and reward their efforts.  The small tokens of appreciation can be customized easily.  Ways to Make Your Employee Recognition Pins Shine  There […]

Show School Spirit With Custom Pins

Create custom pins that your students will be proud to wear.  Available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, colleges and universities can use these items to communicate a message to their student body, alumni, and staff easily and affordably. Custom lapel pins have a variety of uses in academic settings.  They can be used to […]

Choosing The Right Style For Your Custom Pins

No longer “one size fits all,” promotional pins have come a long way in recent years. But with all the options available to you, getting started can feel overwhelming! Never fear – we’ve answered some of the most common customer questions to help you get the lapel-pin ball rolling. What style of lapel pin is […]

How Many Colors Can My Custom Pins Have?

A splash of color is often all it takes to turn a simple design into something brilliant and exciting.  Interior decorators demonstrate this on a daily basis as they strategically place different hues in areas of homes throughout the country as a way of increasing their appearance and appeal.  Custom pins are similar in the […]

Custom Pin Plating Options

Which metal plating option is right for your custom pins? There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your design and preference. If you are not sure which one goes best with your design, consult our trained artists by emailing or calling us. Gold Plating A lot of the gold you come […]

Why Custom Trading Pins Bring Your Team Together

Trading pins are a big part of sports culture.  We work with teams worldwide to come up with custom designs that meet their needs and exceed their high expectations.  We offer a number of different trading pin styles for coaches and parents to choose from.  This allows us to create a custom memento that everyone […]

Fundraising With Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins make a great item to sell for fundraisers.  They may be small but they do carry a very big message.  In fact, very few personalized products create the same type of positive impact that lapel pins make.  From sports teams to big name corporations, Quality Lapel Pins can help your group achieve all of […]

Years of Service Pins Award Your Valued Employees

Employee recognition award programs are beneficial for workplaces for a number of different reasons.  First and foremost, they help to boost morale which makes for a happier, more productive work environment.  Next, they recognize individual talents and achievements.  For the people being awarded a years of service lapel pin, there are few honors as great […]

Best Attachment For Your Custom Pins

We offer a variety of attachment options for your custom pins. Choose the one that best fits your design and needs. Two Terminologies of lapel pins; Adornment: the face of lapel pins that is where your logo or design would be. It’s what you show to everyone. Attachment: the back of lapel pins, attachment is how the adornment […]